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(记叙文,487 words,摘自The Washington Post)

It was the final climb on his quest to reach the highest summit on all seven continents. When Christopher Kulish finally reached Mount Everest's 29,035-foot peak, he joined an elite group known as the "Seven Summits Club". But the 62-year-old Colorado attorney died suddenly Monday after returning to the first camp below the mountain's summit. He's the second American to die in the past week after reaching Everest's highest point. His family believes the cause was a heart attack, . "He saw his last sunrise from the highest peak on Earth," his brother, Mark K苏州旅游ulish, said in a statement to the Denver Post. "We are heartbroken at this news."

Last week, 55-year-old Donald Lynn Cash of Utah collapsed and the Everest peak. He too had reached the highest point on all seven continents. Including Christopher and Cash, at least 11 people have died on Mount Everest this year.

The deaths come among on the popular mountain. The Nepali government granted a total of 381 permits to climb Everest this year, a number that doesn't include guides who are on the mountain as well. For some climbers, that traffic has meant longer wait times — some the wait has exceeded two hours between the last camp and the peak. Mountaineer Vanessa O'Brien, who has also climbed the seven summits, said when there's a crowd, being a more experienced climber won't help you. "It doesn't matter if you're the best racecar driver in the world. If you're stuck in traffic, you're stuck in traffic," she said in an interview.

And when a climber is stuck in that traffic, "their body is starting to deteriorate." O'Brien, who set a record as the fastest woman to reach the highest peak on every continent, also said the descent is often harder than the climb.

Climbing expert Alan Arnette said there's no simple explanation for the string of deaths. He said weather that has led to a shorter climbing season is one factor causing overcrowding. He also said the cost to climb Mount Everest has decreased, which means more people are making the journey. He urged the governments in charge of granting permits to limit how many people can be on the mountain at once.

Still, Christopher was no beginner. His family said he'd been mountain climbing for five decades. He arrived at the base camp nearly two months before his climb so he could give himself time to adapt to the conditions. When he made his journey, his family said he was climbing with a small group in almost ideal conditions after some of the overcrowding had cleared.

His brother described being a lawyer as a "day job" for Christopher. Climbing was his passion. "He was an inveterate climber of peaks in Colorado, the West and the world over," Mark Kulish said. "He passed away doing what he loved."

1. Wh极彩彩票官网-时文拓宽阅览│珠峰回忆:路远天高,好多明日再换一眼今朝at do we know about Christopher?

A. He has reached the highest point on all seven continents.

B. He joined the "Seven Summits Club" at the base camp.

C. 11 people following him died after reaching the Everest peak this year.

D. He died from a heart attack below the mountain's summit.

2. What made longer wait times on Mount Everest?

A. Lacking guides. B. Overcrowding.

C. Bad weather. D. Getting government's permission.

3. What might cause the string of deaths according to Alan Arnette?

a. The less cost attracting more climbers.

b. The more climbers worsening the environment.

c. More permits granted by the government.

d. The governments limiting the climber's number.

e. The weather leading to a shorter climbing season.

A. a, b, d B. a, c, e C. b, c, d D. b, d, e

4. Why did Christopher arrive at the base camp so early before climbing?

A. To wait for his friends. B. To learn about the mountain.

C. To clear the traffic jam. D. To adapt to conditions earlier.

5. What does the underlined word "inveterate" in the last paragraph probably mean?

A. Experienced. B. Famous. C. Excellent. D. Addictive.




1. summit n. 最高点;极点;山顶;(政府间的)首脑会议;峰会

This path leads to the summit. 这条路通往山顶。

The two presidents agreed to hold a summit. 两位总统商定举办一次首脑会议。

2. according to 据……所说;按……所报导;依照,依照,依据

3. grant v.(尤指正式地或法令上)赞同,答应

The bank finally granted a £50,000 loan to me. 银行总算赞同给我借款50,000英镑。

4. exceed v. 逾越(数量);逾越(法令、指令等)的约束

Its research budget exceeds $100 million a year. 其研讨预算每年逾越1亿美元。

5. mountai极彩彩票官网-时文拓宽阅览│珠峰回忆:路远天高,好多明日再换一眼今朝neer n. 爬山者;爬山运动员

The tough mountaineer succeeded in getting to the top of the mountain.


6. set a record 打破纪录

7. deteriorate v. 变坏;恶化;退化

The discussion quickly deteriorated into an angry argument. 这场评论敏捷演变成愤恨的争持。

8. descent n. 下降;斜坡

The descent to Base Camp took about three days. 往下走到大本营大约要三天时刻。

9. lead to 导致,形成(结果)

Eating too much sugar can lead to health problems. 摄入过多的糖会引起健康问题。

10. in charge of 担任;主管

An experienced worker is in charge of this project. 一位有阅历的工人担任这项作业。

11. inveterate adj. 恶习难改的;有……瘾的

He is an inveterate liar. 他是个恶习难改的骗子。

12. congestion n.(交通)拥塞;塞车

The problems of traffic congestion will not disappear in a hurry. 交通堵塞问题不会很快消失。

13. pass away 逝世

He unfortunately passed away last year. 他不幸于上一年逝世了。


1. Seven Summits Club 七峰沙龙,由登上国际七大洲(亚洲、欧洲、非洲、北美洲、南美洲、大洋洲和南极洲)最高峰的爬山者组成。

2. Mount Everest 珠穆朗玛峰(俗称珠峰)是的主峰,也是国际海拔最高的山峰,坐落与边境线上。珠穆朗玛峰有两种高度:爬山者登上的是整体高度,尼泊尔等国选用的雪盖高(总高)是8848米,2005年我国国家测绘局丈量的岩面高(裸高即地质高度)为8844.43米,2010年起供认两种高度的极彩彩票官网-时文拓宽阅览│珠峰回忆:路远天高,好多明日再换一眼今朝丈量数据。
















登顶珠峰需求多久:珠峰的攀爬周期很长,一般来说从每年4月初开端连续就到了珠峰季,直到5月底大约完毕,所以至少会有1个半月到2个月的时刻是在喜马拉雅山上。而正式登顶珠峰,北坡从大本营动身登顶到回来大本营,一般需求4天。详细还要看身体状况,气候状况等归纳要素。 最终,小编要特别叮咛一句,因为海提高、环境恶劣,珠峰被公认为是国际上最难攀爬


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